Enjoy a vacation filled with cultural and historical excitement.  Explore unseen places and breathtaking landscapes. Sample gourmet cuisine paired with excellent wine.

From cooking classes in Italy to sailing Australian coast, there is a vacation option for everyone. Save time and let us, "travel geeks", do the research for you. You have better things to do!




Don't spend countless hours in a rental car hustling and reaching your hotel irritated and exhausted! Forget about switching hotels and enjoy unlimited fun, while your ship takes you to various breathtaking destinations. Enjoy countless activities on board: relax at the spa or the pool, laugh it off at a comedy club, take a cooking class, sip on a martini and dance the night away at one of the night clubs or enjoy a good book overlooking the sunset. Be cautious. Cruising can become really addictive! Are you ready for this unforgettable experience?




If cruising is not your cup of tea, fulfill your travel dreams by choosing a tour with a majestic itinerary. Get lost in nature, hike trails along the magnificent waterfalls in New Zealand, hop on a train through historical cities in Europe, meet the kingdom of Morocco, or discover India's treasures. Unlimited itinerary options will take you through African Safari, wonders of South America and tropical paradise in Fiji. Are you constantly daydreaming about a hassle-free vacation with your friends and family? We will help you pick that perfect tour package and arrange the next best vacation of your lifetime. Venture to travel the whole world!

Custom Itineraries


If you'd like to tour at your own pace, visit places that fulfills your interest, pick the hotels you prefer to stay at and control your trip schedule, we can create a personal itinerary for you to follow. Sit back and relax while we research the destinations you desire to visit, plan your trip route and suggest the activities along the way. We can book your hotels, flights, car rentals and make dinner reservations. Itinerary options are endless! We can be as involved in planning as you want us to be. Pick a region you'd like to visit and we will walk you through a perfect itinerary. 

Trabeona helped us find a perfect cruise for a weekend getaway. Thank you for making our experience outstanding!”