Our mission is to plan and arrange vacations with stunning itineraries for individuals, who are ready to escape the daily routine and are willing to immerse into new cultures, history and landscapes.

Who we are

Welcome to the world of wanderings! Trabeona Travels LLC is an independent agency in the Avoya Travel Network with access to various suppliers, cruise and tour companies, exclusive offers and much more! Born and raised in Europe Aiste Foreman is honored to work with individuals who are eager to take on a new travel venture. After planning vacations for her family and friends for over a decade Aiste decided to fuel her passion by matching travelers with their dream destinations wherever that may be. Aiste continues to explore the world and has numerous destinations listed on her bucket list (Sicily is next in line!). 

What we believe in

At Trabeona we are eager to help travelers discover various trips with stunning itineraries. We work with clients who are putting in endless hours to complete their daily responsibilities and lack time to find a peace of mind. So get out of your comfort zone and immerse in different cultures. Sharpen your mind, relieve stress, develop new skills, and plunge into a new adventure! 

Enjoy the benefits of travel: gain different perspective, find new purpose, learn about different cultures, meet new people and make lifelong friends, try new things, experience serendipity, find inner peace and realize that life is a wonderful gift!

Why travel with Trabeona?

We offer guidance- expert recommendations, tips and advice you won't find when booking online. 

We make group travel easy whether it's a family reunion, seminar at sea or a community trip. 

We have access to stunning itineraries and promotions from different cruise lines, hotels, tours and other suppliers. 

We do research and price comparison to customize your vacation experience and help you make the right decision.

We provide excellent customer service, because we CARE!